IT Assurance

Assurance and insight for your technology environment

Businesses face increasingly complex regulatory requirements and a continuously evolving technological landscape. To thrive they must reply upon the controlled operation of information technology to be compliant, function securely, and minimise IT-related risks

In this fast-changing environment, customer trust, public and investor confidence, and meeting with regulatory compliance are paramount.

How we help

  • by working with audit professionals to provide assurance in the technology environment used for financial reporting and related internal controls over financial reporting;
  • through improving confidence in technology-dependent internal controls as a result of business growth;
  • by assessing and minimising technology risks within your existing technology framework and on new business initiatives such as when implementing new technologies or launching products and/or services; 
  • by providing insights on key technology challenges and future trends 

Our integrated risk-based approach and extensive sector experience mean we can provide insight on technology risks for boards, audit committees, and key senior management executives. 

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