Data Analytics Services

Information is one of the most important assets in any organisation and, in today’s digitised world, the amount of data organisations have at their fingertips has never been greater.

We help organisations harness the power of their data to improve business performance and profit, support growth, manage risk and strengthen competitive advantage. Our team combines deep financial and functional knowledge with advanced technologies and sophisticated techniques to provide insight that supports vital decision making to help achieve a business’s objectives. Whether it is optimising a loyalty programme, reducing fraud, or identifying efficiencies across the business, our team can help.

Mazars provides consulting services on data governance, analysis and mining, and visualisation. We use descriptive analytics, advanced big data solutions and predictive models to identify trends and patterns, define rules and provide insights using our visualisation engines for our clients to make informed business decisions. We can assist with:

Data governance
We advise and guide our clients on adopting frameworks on how they collect and process, manage, store and utilise the data for better decision making. We assist in designing or improving the data architecture to provide single vision of the truth across the organisation.

Data analysis and mining
We help clients to identify inconsistencies and advise on the quality of data within the organisation. Using our analytics tools and models, we can “join the dots” between disparate data within your organisation and spot patterns or trends and provide insights and foresights relevant to your business. We use our machine learning, optimisation and modelling capabilities to create sense from machine data and advise our clients on appropriate strategy.

Data Visualisation
We use market leading tools to help clients visualise the patterns and trends and represent the meaningful insights that we spotted from the data. We can develop data models using bespoke analytics, provide clients with ready to use business intelligence dashboards specific to their function and industry sector for making informed business decisions.

Using the above capabilities we help our clients across themes relevant for the organisation such as:

Increasing customer centricity

We help our clients understand the changing trends and key patterns in the market and from their customers, by adopting a proactive approach to increasing their top line growth and profitability. We can help identify deep customer insights from customer data and social media interactions. Our advanced analytic capabilities, functional knowledge and industry sector experience can help address key concerns around marketing, sales, customer, and pricing questions.

Improving operations and reducing costs

Supply chain optimisation: We help our clients by developing data models customised to their needs to optimise supply chain challenges related to costs, service, capacity, and inventory.

Human resources: We assist our clients by creating bespoke data models such as efficiency of HR service delivery, predicting employee attrition risk, adverse sentiments on social media.

Reducing risk

Risk Analytics: We use our data analytic capabilities as part of our internal audit assessments to quantify and identify patterns and trends for Management.

Continuous auditing: We assist clients on an ongoing basis with our descriptive and advanced analytic tools to evaluate trends and patterns and provide insights on operational information such as payroll, expenses, payables and receivables, journals, general ledgers, to make better business decisions.

Fraud analytics: As part of the fraud detection and forensic engagements, we help our clients identify fraudulent transactions through pattern and behaviour analysis and support litigation services through identifying and quantifying relevant transactions from various data sources.

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