Organisational Resilience

Organisations operate in a constantly changing environment and need to prepare and plan for a wide range of strategic and operational risks and respond quickly to crises. Building resilience is imperative for all organisations and requires an effective combination of risk management and continuous improvement.

Understand your risks and ensure your frameworks and policies are fit for purpose

Every organisation, irrespective of size and shape, requires an organisational resilience framework that addresses risk management, governance, change management, business continuity management, crisis management and disaster recovery.

We can assist you with:

  • Developing your risk management framework to identify and manage risks to your organisation before they materialise into issues or crises. 
  • Assessing the change management framework across your organisation. 
  • Confirming alignment of your business continuity management system with recognised standards, such as ISO 22301. 
  • Designing policies and guidance for organisational resilience related processes across your organisation.

Prepare for the worst and be ready to keep your organisation running

The threats facing organisations are many and varied and in the event of a crisis an organisation needs to be prepared to manage the impact effectively with clear and tested continuity and recovery plans.  These plans should enable efficient decision-making, restoration of important services as quickly as possible and effective communication to all impacted parties.

We can assist you with:

  • Understanding your supply chain resilience and reviewing third-party risks including IT due diligence. 
  • Assessing your technology and information resilience including cyber security and data protection and undertaking ethical hacking. 
  • Providing assurance over specific change programmes where poor implementation could significantly impact your organisation. 
  • Undertaking a business impact analysis to identify important services and prioritise recovery. 
  • Mapping important services to the critical supporting people, processes, technology, information, facilities and third-party providers to understand dependencies.   
  • Reviewing business continuity and disaster recovery plans. 
  • Evaluating, selecting and implementing the most appropriate business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. 
  • Preparing scenario plans and facilitating simulation training exercises to test and improve continuity and recovery plans.

Learn from the crisis and build organisational resilience

The impacts of a crisis may be short-term or much longer, but from the knowledge and experience gained from a crisis it is possible to build organisational resilience.  Through continuous improvement and potentially new strategies and operating procedures, a ‘new normal’ may emerge.

We can assist you with:

  • Reviewing the crisis, underlying issues and the effectiveness of response. 
  • Developing actions to build resilience in the short, medium and longer term.