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A modern, data-driven approach to achieving excellence

Performance management is in the midst of a data revolution. Quarterly reviews have been replaced by real-time analytics that can generate instant intelligence. 

Our approach

In business, effective performance management can make all the difference when it comes to meeting strategic objectives. With better skill sets and resources at your fingertips, not only will your company be more agile and resilient, it will also be better equipped to meet its objectives.

At Mazars, we fully support the move to data-driven performance management. Harsh performance management and stack ranking that makes staff compete with each other is a thing of the past. Today's organisations need internal co-operation to thrive in the ever-tougher competitive landscape.

Our focus is on making performance management work for you. New tools are of little advantage unless they align with your business strategy. Our teams of experts in strategy and HR ensure a harmonious alignment and bring in legal expertise to help with implementation issues such as compliance with employment legislation and GDPR.

Our specialist team in data analytics can help 'join the dots' by processing large quantities of information drawn from multiple parts of your organisation for more complex problems. Even complex data sets can be turned into simple visuals for instant assessment of performance. Common client problems and approaches include:

How we can help

  • Performance management methodology design
  • Performance management process and policy design
  • Facilitating of KPAs and KPIs
  • Performance management training / coaching
  • Power BI training and dashboard creation

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