Independent Claims Audit Program

Mazars are currently acting as independent auditor for Trusts implementing a ‘Claims Audit Program”, providing services in the role of independent watchdog.

Following conclusions issued by the bankruptcy court, in which they released a new opinion on the Garlock matter that documented a "startling pattern of misrepresentation”, Trusts have increasingly been seeking to increase transparency and develop a more robust claims process.

As an independent auditor implementing a claim audit program, Mazars:

  • Performed and developed statistically relevant methods of claims sampling.
  • Developed methods for auditing (i) the reliability of medical evidence, including additional reading of X-rays, CT scans and verification of pulmonary function tests, and (ii) the reliability of evidence of exposure to asbestos, including exposure to asbestos-containing products.
  • Ensured precise and targeted identification of main issues of concern.
  • Reviewed and analyzed individual claims files, including open, closed and reopened cases.
  • Performed reviews of law firm internal audit operations.
  • Audited over 100 law firms across the US, including reviewing their claim submission practices, claimant on boarding, and fraud prevention controls.
  • Provided individual claim reporting, expert reports, and high level statistical reporting for stakeholders.

Additionally, Mazars has a proprietary software tool, The Claim Audit Program Collaboration Site, which allows for the secure hosting, storing and transmission of data, as well as the detail of the audit on a per claim level. The Claim Audit Program Collaboration Site allows for live, real time claim reporting and analysis, accessible to all relevant stakeholders.


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