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Our skilled experts have strong backgrounds in federal and state liability laws and regulations, complex data collection, interpretation and analysis.

Experts provide crucial facts and opinions for litigation related to product liability, asbestos and contamination events - offering expert testimony, litigation support, and subject-matter expertise for a wide range of product liability issues, with our team working with multiple law firms, Trusts and Insurers, both in settlement and in litigation. 

Mazars has testified in federal and state court and before appeals boards. We offer expert and fact witnesses, expert reports, and written and oral testimony including:

  • Providing testimony around the evaluation of liability
  • Forensic analysis
  • Quantifying damages
  • Measurement and assignment of damages associated with the litigation/dispute
  • Consultation with legal counsel in the development of strategy/response to opposing experts
  • Developing of relevant, pertinent lines of questioning
  • Deposition/Expert Witness preparation
  • Rebuttal expert reports
  • Rebuttal expert testimonies

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