Fraud Risk Management

We help clients protect themselves from the financial, operational and reputational damage of fraud. Fraud cost the UK economy over £193 billion in 2016. Our fraud risk management services help you to protect your organisation from being a victim of fraud.

Our fraud risk experts can assist you in:

  • Designing and implementing a fraud risk management framework tailored to your precise needs, and
  • Providing guidance and challenge in your response to a suspected fraud

Our experts have developed a clear, logical and proven approach to designing and implementing a fraud risk management framework bespoke to your needs and risk appetite. Our services include fraud risk assessments to identify and address control weaknesses, awareness training for Board and staff, as well as reviewing and designing fraud risk policies and related guidance. We can train your staff on how to respond to fraud concerns as well as undertake a simple fraud health check.

Our services will protect shareholder value, provide assurance to your Audit Committee and senior management team, and raise fraud awareness of your staff. You will be provided with a practical action plan and fraud risk map to strengthen your control framework.

If you suspect fraud has taken place, we will provide a hands-on approach to guiding you through an internal investigation, as well as identifying areas where internal controls needs to be tightened.