Anti-Bribery & Corruption services

At Mazars, we understand the importance of providing practical solutions to the Bribery Act.

Our services in respect of the Bribery Act provide solutions that are proportionate to the risks faced by your organisation.

We have particular expertise in the areas of:

  • Bribery risk assessment
  • Payments to 3rd parties (agents, suppliers, etc.)
  • The taxation impact of the Bribery Act
  • Reviews of policies and procedures
  • Investigation of allegations of bribery or non-compliance

Mazars is a recognised expert in the field of implementing and reviewing anti-bribery processes for international companies.

We already work with domestic and international businesses of all sizes, and have assisted listed and private companies with a review of their systems, policies and procedures. Our teams are comprised of experts from our internal risk and control, forensic investigation and taxation teams. We have extensive experience resulting from performing internal controls assignments and forensic investigations under other jurisdictions’ anti-bribery legislation (such as the US FCPA). We have investigators and advisers across Mazars’ global practice (in 63 countries).

We have built a suite of “Best practice” processes, procedures and tools thus enhancing the added value it can bring to customers on this issue.

Our relationships include work with recognized international bodies.