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Consulting Services

Mazars can help guide and advise businesses through the changing landscape to help manage risk, optimise processes and capitalise on opportunities. Regardless of your business cycle or circumstances, we are able to combine our expertise on strategy, risk, technology, people and processes to provide tailored solutions that suit your business objectives.

Our experts are here to help:

  1. improve business performance,
  2. ensure all aspects of risk are covered,
  3. navigate the digital landscape or
  4. enhance your business culture 

What are you looking for?

Accounting systems and technology
Gain value from optimising your accounting systems and ensuring the right infrastructure is in place.

Actuarial advisory 
Actuarial analysis to enhance performance through improved understanding of risks and the use of appropriate tools to reduce the cost of such risks.

Cashflow management
Strategic cash flow management is pivotal to the success of strategies and business objectives.

Financial modelling and decision support
Complex financial modelling by experienced specialist helping to avoid the wrong decisions and unnecessary costs.

Organisational design and cost reduction
Helping your organisation to navigate the complexities of organisational design.

Organisational resilience  
Building resilience is imperative for all organisations and requires an effective combination of risk management and continuous improvement.

Service performance and KPIs
Driving strategic execution through enhanced performance measurement across the organisation.

Process controls and people
With the right people and processes in place a business’s competitive advantage is much greater, enabling them to become more fluid and dynamic in a changing market.

IT strategy and digital strategy
A broad spectrum of technology consulting and assurance solutions, covering cybersecurity, data protection, and data management, IT audit, IT operations and forensic technologies.

Sustainability and environmental impact 
A societal approach to business and ethical behaviour is more important than ever.

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