Monitoring trustee services

Mazars’ dedicated Monitoring Trustee team advises on state aid, merger control and antitrust cases globally. Our experts deal with competition authorities and apply competition law and economics drawing on their depth of experience as both regulators and advisers. Mazars has acted as monitoring trustee in 40+ cases involving the implementation of virtually every type of structural and behavioural remedy.

Mazars has regularly acted as trustee in respect of the divestment of businesses or parts of businesses and has been appointed as both monitoring trustee and divestiture trustee. Our consultants have a broad range of industry knowledge across a variety of sectors with a wealth of experience providing remedies and compliance advice in relation to:

We ensure commitment deadlines are met, and risks and issues are identified quickly, with sufficient resources to avoid delays. We are experienced in performing the role of monitoring trustee and are committed to minimising the disruption caused on the supervised and retained businesses.

As a fully integrated global partnership, coordinating cross-border cases is intrinsic to the way we work. Personal contact with our clients is imperative to our work, as is forward-looking, efficient project management, focusing on cost awareness.

Our team advises on commitments across practically every market sector including:



Competition economics

Understanding of how different types of remedies and commitments are accepted by competition authorities to address competition concerns.


Recognising the importance of the monitoring trustee’s communications with the competition authority, the parties and their advisers.

Organisational change

Identifying how post-merger integration, change management and business separation processes impact the implementation of commitments.

Competitiveness and viability

Responsibility for the viability of divestment businesses, including the close monitoring and assessment of financial, operational and market key performance indicators.

Corporate governance

Managing complex shareholder and governance arrangements of standalone business units, companies or joint ventures.


Conducting analysis of IT and management information systems and the implementation of IT, physical and organisational firewalls.

Corporate Finance

Monitoring the sales process, and assessment of proposed buyers for the competition authority.

Long-term monitoring

The establishment of monitoring protocols and appropriate responses to changes in market structure and trading conditions.

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