A++ Transatlantic Joint Venture - CASE NO. AT.39595

CompetitionRx is the Trustee approved by the European Commission for the monitoring of the Commitments given by Air Canada (AC), Deutsche Lufthansa AG (LH) and United Airlines, Inc. (UA) to the European Commission on 23 May 2013 (Article 9 decision in case AT.39595 Continental/United/Lufthansa/Air Canada).

The Final Commitments can be downloaded directly from the European Commission website using this link: Final Commitments PDF.

The Commission’s Press Release and Commitments Decision both of 23 May 2013 can also be downloaded.

Further information about the case is available from the Commission’s Case Page.

The general responsibilities of the Trustee are set out in section 5.2 of the Commitments. The Trustee also has specific responsibilities with respect to each commitment which are set out in the relevant sections of the Commitments.

Slot Release Procedure

Under the Commitments, an Applicant requesting slots under the Slot Release Procedure is first required to follow the three steps set out in Clause 1.3.1 of the Commitments at least seven (7) weeks before the Slot Request Submission Deadline (‘SRSD’) for the IATA season for which they are applying for slots. The SRSD for the IATA Summer Season 2019 is Thursday 4 October 2018 and therefore the deadline for applications is 16 August 2018. 

The Trustee will open the applications process for the IATA Summer Season 2019 on 19 July 2018. Applications for slots for the Summer Season 2019 under the Slot Release Procedure of the Commitments must therefore be received by the Trustee by Close of Business (COB) on Thursday 16 August 2018. The COB deadline for applications is 6pm British Summer Time (BST). Applications received after this deadline will be rejected.

Availability of Slots for IATA Summer Season 2019

The Trustee is inviting applications for slots (max. 7 Slots) on the Frankfurt – New York route (JFK or Newark airports).

To facilitate the submission of Slot Requests and processing of application information, the Trustee has prepared a Slot Request Application Form a copy of which may be requested by emailing the Trustee at:




Applicants for Slot Requests are allowed to request anonymity, as set out in Clauses 1.3.1(c) and 1.3.5 of the Commitments.

Applicant Airlines that DO NOT require anonymity for their slot request/s at Frankfurt and New York are strongly encouraged also to contact (i) Airport Coordination Federal Republic of Germany (FHKD), for Frankfurt airport and (ii) The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for New York airports (or any other relevant U.S government agency administering capacity limitations at JFK and Newark Liberty airports) at the earliest opportunity.


In the first instance, prospective Applicants should contact Armin Obert, whose details are provided below.

FHKD Airport Coordination Federal Republic of Germany
Terminal  2
Area E
Postbox 37 60549

Tel: +49 69 690 52321
Email: Armin.Obert@fhkd.org
Website: http://www.fhkd.org/  

New York:

In the first instance, prospective Applicants should contact the FAA. Details are provided below:

Federal Aviation Administration
Office of the Chief Counsel
800 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20591

Applicant Airlines that REQUIRE ANONYMITY under the terms of Clauses 1.3.1(c) and 1.3.5 of the Commitments should ONLY CONTACT THE MONITORING TRUSTEE through:




Other contact information for the Monitoring Trustee:

A++ Monitoring Trustee
FAO Lisa Cutting
Mazars LLP
Tower Bridge House
St Katherine’s Way

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7063 4613
Mobile: +44 (0)78 8128 4080