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The CJRS online portal opened on Monday April 20th and will be open 24/7. HMRC is looking to make the first payments from April 20th submission by April 30th. It is then aiming to make future payments within four to six working days after any further submissions. We are also aware that HMRC is predicting approximately 450,000 claims per hour.

7 key considerations for CJRS Grant Claims

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Given payroll cut-offs are fast approaching, it will be important to:

  • Take advice to identify how furlough can work for your organisation;
  • Ensure you have amended employment contracts effectively to establish clear documentation for those being furloughed;
  • Agree what you are paying to furloughed workers and how the benefits and other entitlements they receive interact; and
  • Analyse the CJRS grant claim you will be able to make and ensure controls are in place to calculate accurately given that HMRC will be auditing claims.

How we can help:

We can help you assess your calculation to ensure it is accurate and also help submit your CJRS grant claim to HMRC. 

We can support with the CJRS grant claim calculations.

These claims will primarily be based on payroll data from 28 February 2020, though other data is also required for those who are on variable wages.

To submit your claim, we will:

  • Put in place a short engagement summary email to confirm each of our responsibilities in helping you ensure the calculation is correct and to support with submitting the grant claim application;
  • You will need to advise us of the employees that will be furloughed in your first claim and your UK bank account details;
  • We will discuss with you the calculation methodology, identifying the qualifying amounts for each furloughed employee - this will help you identify the value of the claim being made and the minimum amounts that should be paid to furloughed employees; 
  • Once approved by you we can help you with making the submission to HMRC either on your behalf or by helping you navigate HMRC's portal as soon as it is live and you are ready to submit.

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