Digital Nomads

The changing world of international employment.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has highlighted that digitalisation has opened the ground for new forms of work organisation and is seen as the key influence on the future of work over the next decades.

Digital technology is driving the emergence of more independent workers who do independent work as their primary or only activity (e.g. under current definitions these workers are more akin to freelance business owners or independent contractors). It is also encouraging an increase in traditional freelancers; although they may also be employees (what might be referred to as diversified workers).

The digital economy is driven by online platforms. Employers may increasingly use transaction platforms, designed to help individuals and institutions find each other, to facilitate their various interactions and commercial transactions; in effect a new class of on-demand resourcing.

We can help you track and monitor your digital nomads, along with helping you to understand the tax side of your mobile workers.

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