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Is the mix of your workforce cost effective and tax compliant?

Do you know the composition of your workforce and its annual cost? Are the non-employed worker arrangements tax efficient? Would it be more effective, efficient and present fewer tax risks engaging some of the non-employees as employed workers? Are the non-employed worker arrangements compliant with employment law?

Employment tax risk reviews

When was the last time your business had a PAYE/NIC compliance review from HMRC and do you have comfort that your business has adequate process and controls in place to manage your employment tax risks?

Prompt payment discounts

New VAT rules come into force on 1 April 2015 that will affect businesses either offering customers a prompt payment discount or receiving prompt payment discounts on their purchases.

Employment tax services

What is your businesses employment tax risk strategy? Where does your business fit with the need to deliver a comprehensive pay and benefits package in order to remain competitive in the market whilst reducing costs to the business?

IDEAL Tax Opportunities

Using IDEA, the data interrogation software used by HMRC to audit business records, you can limit your tax risk or find out if you're paying too much VAT.