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You will find here all publications related to tax.

Country by Country Reporting

Multinationals with consolidated group turnover of €750m are required to file an annual return. We can help you meet your obligations, take any corrective action that may be necessary (e.g. change in processes and/or systems) and manage risks including reputational risk.

Closing disputes with HMRC

Tax legislation gives the taxpayer a number of ways to challenge a HMRC enquiry including the right to challenge unreasonable demands for documents and information as well as challenge the inspector’s conclusions. However, challenging a decision can be time consuming and costly.

Litigation support services relating to tax avoidance schemes

A change in the law and recent challenges by HMRC have resulted in investors in tax avoidance schemes not deriving the benefit they expected and, more worryingly, facing significant tax liabilities. Read more about how we support clients who are affected by litigation arising from participation in tax avoidance schemes.

Employers' Tax calendar 2016

As the 2016/17 tax year approaches, there are numerous dates that employers must be aware. Mazars’ employer solutions team can advise and assist you in meeting your compliance obligations – the 2016/17 Employers’ Tax Calendar will assist with tracking these.

Year end tax planning tips 2016

The last couple of Budgets have made more tax changes to the financial plans of individuals than we have seen for many years. Those changes concerning personal pensions and dividends are the most important and for some people action should be taken before 6 April 2016.

Research and Development tax relief - Case Studies

Research & Development Tax Relief is a Revenue supported initiative designed to ensure UK businesses remain competitive in the Global economy. With 230% tax deductions available on qualifying R&D spend, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Employee Ownership - The new tax reliefs

Interest in employee ownership is thriving, with more and more businesses in the UK becoming employee owned. Employee owned businesses (EOBs) are wholly or significantly owned by their employees, either directly or indirectly.

Changes to the taxation of dividends

Following the announcement at the Summer Budget, some further details are emerging about the changes to how dividends will be taxed with effect from 6 April 2016. Although there will be some winners from this change, individuals with significant dividend income will pay more income tax.