Mazars European China Desk

A bridge between China and Europe.

海外投资往往面临种种新的挑战。国际市场的 瞬息万变,当地特有的行为准则和商业文化的 地域特征,都给海外投资带来了风险和障碍。而此类经验也难以在一般的商业指南中获得。众所周知,潜力无限的中国市场吸引着欧洲投 资者们在中国投资,一旦成功,他们会获得丰 厚的回报;但同样,如果缺乏正确的指导,投 资也容易造成时间和金钱的浪费。

Doing business internationally is not easy. You need to understand the market, how local people think, and a whole range of other business and cultural issues – many of which cannot always be found in the typical sources of guidance. We know that for investors from Europe looking to invest in China there can be significant rewards for getting it right, but equally it can also be easy to waste time and money if you set off without proper guidance.

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