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Effective spreadsheet management

One of the realities of the modern corporate world is the reliance on spreadsheets for managing business critical data and information, but can using Excel be a prescription for disaster?

UK offshore wind - Investment Report

In June 2013, Scottish Enterprise commissioned Mazars to produce a report on the offshore wind investment landscape in the UK. The principal aim of the study was to identify the funding requirements of the UK’s offshore wind farm projects and the potential means to meet these requirements.

Accounting for PFI

The adoption of IFRS has widespread commercial implications for all those involved in UK PFI. Investors and funders should assess the impact on closed and future projects and plan now for the changes.

Financial Model Audit

Financial models are at the heart of major finance transactions. We believe the standard approach to auditing these models is flawed.

Our fresh approach offers tangible benefits for both senior funders and shareholders.