IPO Support

Our team has considerable experience in advising companies on capital market transactions, including Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on AIM, ISDX Markets and the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. We have the skills and experience to make the process effective and efficient, and to assist in completing transactions within tight deadlines.

As a fully integrated international firm of accountants we are able to advise you on both UK and global IPO assignments across a wide range of industry sectors.

Why list your company’s shares?

For many owner-managed or venture capital-backed businesses, an IPO represents the ultimate goal. By raising funds on a stock exchange your company may be able to take that next step of investing in new products and markets or increasing your company’s profile and marketability.

For the shareholders, an IPO represents an opportunity to achieve an exit, generating a return on their initial investment.

Why IPO in London?

As one the world’s truly international cities, London’s stock exchanges have attracted over 3,000 companies from more than 70 countries around the world. In addition, the regulatory regime in London is recognised globally for its flexible, principles-based approach.

Depending on the size, development stage and growth potential of your company, there is a market for you:

  • The ISDX markets are targeted at those entrepreneurial businesses in the early stages of development;
  • AIM, operated by the London Stock Exchange, is the world’s most successful growth market by market capitalisation; and
  • The Main Market is the London Stock Exchange’s flagship market for larger, more established companies.

At Mazars, we have considerable experience in advising companies on transactions on each of these markets and we can provide you with support at each stage of your IPO.

Our team

Pre-IPO support

The decision to list your company is likely to be a major step which will have a significant impact on a number of stakeholders. The process itself can be long and will require substantial input from the management team, so the company’s resources will be tested. Preparation is key and can often be the differentiating factor that helps you to achieve a successful listing.

Reporting accountant services

We can act as your Reporting Accountant; one of the key advisers during the IPO process. The Reporting Accountant is responsible for the preparation of certain documents that will be relied upon by the Nomad and potential investors.

Post-IPO support

As a listed company both you, as a management team, and your company will be subject to an increased level of scrutiny. It is therefore vital to investor confidence that your financial statements are subject to a rigorous audit and presented in accordance with international accounting standards.