Due Diligence

Whether you are looking to make an acquisition or divest parts of your business, we are able to provide you with a wide range of due diligence and related services that add real value.

We aim to help you achieve your goals by providing proactive advice that draws on the support of industry sector experts and the strength of our worldwide integrated partnership.

Our due diligence teams specialise in the following service offerings:

Why our clients choose Mazars for due diligence services

Our approach to delivering due diligence and related services to you includes:

Truly partner led in delivery

Our partners are driven by taking an active role in due diligence assignments. Such active involvement in the project means that issues can be identified more quickly and we can confidently give real opinions to you.

Real time communicators

Experienced leaders and teams know the importance of quickly identifying issues, communicating proactively and communicating on a timely basis.

Deadline driven and fee conscious

We will draw on the team’s experience to ensure that deadlines are met and focus our work to key areas agreed with you.

An experienced team

Our team members, have a detailed knowledge of transactions and extensive experience in a variety of sectors.

Additionally, with our wider national and international firm services, we can draw upon specific industry credentials when required. At Mazars we have a dedicated national and international due diligence service, that will ensure we provide the right team for you.

Our team

Financial due diligence

Our overall objective when performing due diligence is to enable you to make an informed judgment on whether or not to invest, the pricing of key risks, areas of focus for post deal and, ultimately, to assist you to maximise the value achieved by completing the acquisition.

Vendor assistance and Vendor due diligence

In addition to providing buy-side support, we have substantial and recent experience of providing vendor support and diligence. We understand the importance of identifying and managing risks early in the sales process so that you can optimise the sales price you achieve.

Post deal transformation

When successfully executed, business integrations and separations can generate material growth, cost synergies and savings for organisations. However, disappointingly over 50% of integrations fail to meet their stated targets, while separations rarely achieve the intended goal.

Other services

Our teams have substantial experience of delivering a range of ad hoc transaction-related services.