Mazars’ Whistleblowing Services

A well designed and well managed Whistleblowing Programme demonstrates good governance, improves risk management and fosters an ethical organisational environment.

The UK Government Department for Business Innovation and Skills has issued whistleblower programme guidance for employers:

“Organisations that embrace whistleblowing as an important source of information find that managers have better information to make decisions and control risk. Making sure your staff can approach management with important concerns is the most important step in creating an open culture. Employers should demonstrate, through visible leadership at all levels of the organisation, that they welcome and encourage workers to make disclosures.”

There is an increasing expectation on organisations around the world to proactively manage the internal disclosure of concerns. In the UK, banks and other deposit-taking institutions are now required to create, manage and report upon their whistleblowing programmes. This is likely to be extended across the regulated sector more generally, with the UK government encouraging whistleblowers to bypass internal management and report directly to ‘prescribed persons’, as if that person was their employer.

As an integrated audit and advisory firm with offices all over the world, Mazars can help clients with international operations and supply chains, design, embed and manage their whistleblower programmes. We have experience of navigating the differing whistleblowing legal and privacy regimes around the world, to ensure that clients encourage internal reporting of concerns for the benefit of their organisation.

Our Whistleblower Programme services are designed around a comprehensive Three Themes model:

  • Organisational culture
  • Whistleblowing Programme Design
  • Whistleblowing Programme Effectiveness

Our model is benchmarked against international best practice and provides assurance that your programme is optimal in both design and operation.

If you are interested in learning more about how Mazars can help you to improve governance through an effective whistleblowing programme, please get in touch.

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