Project & Change Management

Assisting clients through the challenges that are a fundamental part of introducing changes to the organisation. We work with our clients by taking a senior role to coordinate various project streams and manage using sound management principles.

Alternatively, we can carry out rapid project assurance and health-check using proven methodologies and expertise.  This can help to provide assurance that benefits remain achievable and that costs and risks are being effectively managed.

Common client issues:

  • Need to manage change programme with insufficient trained resource
  • Timescales for projects slipping or deliverables not being achieved.

How our BPI team can help:

  • Leveraging our experience in delivering change programmes.
  • Work with client teams to identify barriers to delivery and ways to get around them.

Benefits for our clients:

  • Frees up time for key staff.
  • Increased likelihood of delivering successful change projects on time and on budget.