Management Information

The true value of any Management Information (MI) system is defined by its capability to provide relevant, accurate and timely information to drive business decision making. Providing quality Management Information is a high priority for the Senior Management Team at many of our clients. Our approach blends strategic and commercial analysis with the ability to link reporting solutions into core systems.

Our in-house methodology means that we can help clients design and build an integrated MI reporting system quickly and efficiently, without investing in expensive new systems solutions.  Quality MI will typically feature a Balanced Scorecard incorporating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with drill down reporting to cover all areas of the business in more detail.

Our tailored approach providing ‘top down’ business analysis supported by the ‘bottom up’ data extraction and handling ensures that our clients benefit from successful MI projects.  We work hard to leverage our client’s deep knowledge of their business in combination with our practical experience of delivering many MI projects.

Common client issues:

  • Incomplete, inaccurate, unreliable MI that is not produced within required timescales.
  • Inefficient and resource intensive processes often not linked to core systems that can lead to errors and delays.
  • KPIs not aligned to business goals or coordinated into a hierarchy.

How our BPI team can help:

  • Experience in delivering solutions for a wide variety of organisations in many sectors.
  • Clear understanding and reporting of financial information and value drivers.
  • ‘Mazars MI’ simple but effective solution for smaller clients.

Benefits for our clients:

  • Improved management control - MI used to drive decisions.
  • Reduced time, costs and errors, Finance team freed up to provide analysis of key information.
  • Balanced scorecard including clear KPIs linked to business goals, forward looking measures, non-financial perspectives.