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Charity focus newsletter - issue 3, Winter 2009/10

Surviving the economic crisis
Are managed funds value for money?
The Code of Governance for the Voluntary and
Community Sector
Reporting Serious Incidents - guidance for trustees – issued May 2009
The declaration in the Annual Return
Next steps for the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)
Charity Commission public benefit assessment reports

Charities - The holistic approach

Working for charities requires a different mindset to that of the business world. Our charity experts adopt a holistic approach considering your needs, values, goals and activities.

Caritas November 2008

Paul Gibson shows how KPI's empowered the trustees of a national organisation. To read the full article published in Caritas November 2008 follow the link below.

Charity times June - 2008

Paul Gibson a member of our National Charities Group says there are no easy answers in the wide-ranging debate around financial thresholds for charity reporting. To read the full article published in Charity Times in June 2008 follow the link below.

Charity focus newsleter - issue 1 2008

Welcome to our first edition of Charity Focus in 2008. In this issue – For public benefit – What trustees need to know – Charity effectiveness – Tax update – Forthcoming events...