Praxity North American International Tax Conference: 9-10 November 2015

The Mazars European/US Tax Desk attended the 6th Praxity North American International Tax Conference on 10 November in Austin, Texas. We summarise the event, attended by over 200 Praxity members and clients.

The US Tax Desk presented at the second day of the program. The presentation was led by Steve Amigone, Chair of Praxity Alliance North America Tax and Fiscal group and focused on current tax issues for European Holding Companies. Investment figures show Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom have continued to strengthen their position as the leading European destination for foreign direct investment.

During the panel discussion Eric Klein Hesseling, Frederik Harbers, Francois Karolyi, David Sayers and Noel Cuningham, highlighted the latest domestic tax development in the light of the OECD BEPS Project and agreed that we will see both global impact of the Final Package and unified actions from countries, how tax authorities will use the Final package to challenge existing arrangements, transactions and business. It is the US Tax Desk’s expectation however, that the leading position of these countries as destinations for foreign investment will not be threatened by measures following the Final package, although more transparency and information exchange is expected to be a more prominent part of tax compliance expectations.

The Mazars European US Tax Desk is dedicated to working in partnership with US companies to find, create and implement the very best business solutions critical to all their international tax needs. The Desk offers a suite of services and support to help US companies wishing to set-up or expand in Europe and vice versa. We are located in Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and the UK and are comprised of multilingual experts with an international mindset who have professional skills and experience in their local country and with the US.  

For more information and deeper discussion of how you can invest in Europe and how the BEPS Action Points might affect your business please get in contact with one of the Mazars European US Tax Desk specialists whose details are below:

Eric Klein Hesseling, the Netherlands,

Frederik Habers, the Netherlands,

Francois Karolyi, Luxembourg,

Angeline Godin, Luxembourg,

Noel Cuningham Ireland,

Cormac Kelleher Ireland,

Renáta Ardous, the United Kingdom,

David Sayers, the United Kingdom,