Review of Royal Bank of Scotland’s treatment of small business customers in financial difficulty

The FCA announced on 17 January that Promontory and Mazars have been appointed by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out a Review under section 166 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The Review will examine Royal Bank of Scotland’s treatment of small business customers in financial difficulty and consider allegations of poor practice set out in the report by Dr Lawrence Tomlinson and referenced in Sir Andrew Large’s report.

RBS customers who have concerns about their treatment by RBS’ Global Restructuring Group (GRG) should raise a complaint through the normal complaint process – which in the first instance is to register their concerns with RBS. 

The FCA has asked Promontory, with support from Mazars, to consider RBS’ treatment of a sample of customers referred to its GRG unit. This is expected to be a representative sample of customer experiences, good and bad.

If RBS customers / other contacts wish to draw attention to points they believe are relevant to the Review, they should contact . Whilst any such information will be considered as context for the Review, we cannot guarantee these cases will be included in the sample for detailed consideration. The Review will not determine whether customer remediation on individual cases is appropriate.

Please note that any  information will also be provided to the FCA and Promontory and will be treated as confidential. Information will not be provided to RBS without the customer/complainant’s prior consent. Full details regarding the confidentiality of the information will be provided when customers/complainants contact Mazars.

The FCA website provides external guidance on whistleblowing , and more information on the Review .