When will I have enough money to retire?

12 June 2019

Predicting your Financial Future with Mazars.

For many of us, questions like this and others relating to our personal financial future can be hard to answer, as it can be difficult to predict how the decisions we make today, both personal and professional, will have an impact.

However, predicting your future personal finances is not impossible. By using technology, you can visualise how various real-life scenarios can have an impact, before, during and after they have happened.

On Wednesday 12 June, we will be hosting a free, live webinar exploring the use of technology in predicting your future finances and applying a number of what if scenarios to help you understand how you can better structure your finances now, to reap the rewards in the future.

Some of the scenarios include:

  • How can you help your family while maintaining your desired standard of living?
  • How will you plan to pass on your wealth to the next generation?
  • How could the investment markets impact your overall financial plan?
  • If you plan to sell your business in the future how should you assess your exit value and minimise you tax liabilities?
  • If you decide to retire early, how much do you need from your business to do this?
  • How can you structure your personal finances to compliment your corporate finances?


Wednesday 12 June 2019
Time: 9.30am - 10.30am


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