Heads of Internal Audit Forum – Workforce planning and people strategies

12 July 2018

Mazars and Broster Buchanan are delighted to invite you to this forum on workforce planning with specific focus on people strategies, recruitment, retention and HR risk.

Thursday 12 July 2018

Workforce Planning

“Organisations are having to think more strategically about their workforce planning than ever before for a number of reasons, one of which is demographic. Many major economies are witnessing their labour workforces shrink as the baby boom generation continues to transition into retirement.

At an organisational level, this means companies are having to think long-term about addressing any shortfalls of staff for key roles, and more broadly how to attract and retain younger talent with the necessary skills and create new roles to ensure the future success of the business as the world becomes increasingly digital. Today millennials, the youngest generation in the workforce, represent the majority in the workplace. However, it is not simply a case of replacing older workers. These employees have different attitudes towards work and what they expect from their careers and day-to-day working lives”.

Risk in Focus, 2018 a report from European Institutes of Internal Auditors.



Ruth Cornish
Founder of Amelore (HR Consultants)

We will also be joined by a team of panelists from three leading organisations.


12 July 2018

08.00    Registration & Breakfast
08.45    Forum begins
10.15    Finish


Mazars LLP 
One St Peter's Square 
M2 3DE



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