What’s next to fund growth in your business?

Watch our latest What’s next to fund the growth of your business webinar. Through-out the session our team discussed the variety of debt and equity options available to you (including private equity, venture capital, private debt funds and high street banks) and outline the key factors to consider to make sure your next step is right for your circumstances.

Understanding the funding landscape can be complex but is essential in order to make your growth plans achievable. With a number of options available which one is right for you and your business?

During the session, we covered:

  • What options are available to you to finance growth?
  • Is Debt Finance the right option to realise your growth plans? What are my options beyond my existing high street bank?
  • Could obtaining Private Equity (PE) investment accelerate growth? What are the pros and cons of PE investment?
  • How does obtaining capital for growth affect your tax position?
  • How will funding growth affect you and your business in the long term?
  • Q&A