The Economy & Your Investments

Our monthly 'The Economy & your Investments' webinar series with David Baker and George Lagarias.

During these sessions, our Chief Investment Officer and Chief Economist will discuss the landscape for investors along with the wider economic outlook in 2020.



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In our November update, we looked at the landscape for investors and consider what the world might look like post-Covid and post-Brexit. As the December 31st deadline looms, and we will touch upon the repercussions on businesses and the UK economy as a whole.



In this October update, we looked at how the US elections provide the possibility for a change in policy on matters of global leadership, whilst on this side of the Atlantic the negotiations for a trade deal between the UK and the EU will come to a head. Both issues will have lasting effects for a UK investor.



For our September edition, we looked at how a V-shaped economic recovery has been abandoned as folly, and the likelihood of all other alphabetical variations continue to depend on the course of the virus which is still an unknown.



In August we looked at how the rebound in equity markets from the lows in March were not matched by a rebound in economic activity of equal magnitude since the relaxation of lockdown restrictions


As countries eased their lock-down restrictions, and those sections of the economy most affected look to accelerate activities, the key question for markets is how quickly economic activity might return to pre-pandemic levels. With a detailed look at China and the USA.


In May we discussed the economic cost of Covid-19 and the theory that the magnitude of the downturn will be large by historic standards as countries deal with debts incurred as a result of virus management.