Sustainable corporate governance for long term business success

19th January 2021. Mazars and ecoDa are delighted to invite you to join a live virtual event to look at corporate governance in Europe in the 2020s. The conversation will take account of recent developments in the European Union relating to obligations on sustainable governance for companies.

This event will bring together board members, investors and regulators from across Europe to discuss the role we all have to play in fostering an ecosystem that promotes long-term sustainable success for the benefit of relevant stakeholders in a business and society at large.

During the session participants will have the choice of attending panel discussions from the perspectives of boards, investors and regulators on the following topics: 

  • The possible changes to the regulatory system expected in the 2020s at national and European level.
  • What is the right board structure to tackle key challenges, including climate change, the impact of technology, effects of Covid-19, tensions in free trade, and diversity.
  • The changes expected in investors’ focus over the next decade, and how this will impact their approach to governance.

We will be welcoming leading representatives from:

  • Corporate governance regulatory authorities in Europe;
  • The European Corporate Governance Institute (“ECGI”)
  • The European Securities Markets Authority (“ESMA”)
  • European listed company boards
  • Investment companies

This event marks the completion of a joint study Mazars published with ecoDa earlier in 2020, ‘Time for sustainability to be at the heart of business’, which discusses a range of measures needed to bring about necessary change to put sustainability at the heart of business for the long-term benefit of business and wider society.


Mazars & ECODA Report Time For Sustainability
Mazars & ECODA Report Time For Sustainability