Heads of internal audit and risk forum webinar series

Join us on 28 June at 12pm for the latest webinar in our Heads of Internal Audit Forum series, made in partnership with Badenoch + Clark, exploring the IIA Research report: Culture and the role of internal audit

The pandemic, a catalyst for large scale social and economic shock, has profoundly transformed the working environment. Well known symbols of organisational culture such as open plan workplaces and informal conversations at the coffee machine have been replaced with remote working and video conferencing. For some, remote working has had a positive impact on their relationship with work, productivity and general well-being. Yet, extended lock downs and the adoption of hybrid working arrangements have negatively impacted organisational culture.

It is indisputable that a positive culture, aligned with strategy and reflecting the values of an organisation, is a key driver for financial and operational success, as well as a major influence on ethical behaviour. It can drive innovation, attract the next generation of talent and protect the brand. However, culture is abstract - it is difficult to both articulate and measure, and this represents a major challenge for Boards and Audit Committees who are asking how they can define their cultural ambitions and how they can measure and manage culture in a meaningful way. As a relatively new discipline, many Internal Audit teams lack the conceptual frameworks, toolkits and experience to provide meaningful challenge and support to the organisation.

This thought provoking webinar will consider workplace culture and the role that internal audit can play, examining-

• How to breakdown culture into its component parts to make it less abstract
• How to set meaningful cultural ambitions and goals
• How to measure the current culture in your organisation and identify the ‘gaps’
• Practical tips for embedding and integrating culture initiatives into the organisation

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