Apex Audit Committee webinar

25th February 2021. A webinar for Audit Committee members. The first half a training session aimed at Audit Committee new members roles and responsibilities, followed by a Q&A session, with guest panelists Kevin Boram from Adur and Worthing Council and Andy Green from Walsall Council.

Speakers on the webinar include:

  • Graeme Clarke, Director, Risk and Assurance Services
  • Dave Phillips, Senior Manager, Risk and Assurance Services
  • Mark Surridge, Director, Audit and Assurance

The first half of the webinar is a training session aimed at new Audit Committee members, delivered by Dave Phillips and Mark Surridge. The topics covered include:

  • The function of the Audit Committee and how it fits into the local government governance framework
  • The formation of the Audit Committee and key attributes that are required for its members
  • The necessary Audit Committee proceedings and what is needed in order to run effectively
  • The role of the Audit Committee and its methods of oversight
  • How the Committee can ensure Value for Money (VfM)

The second half of the webinar was a panel discussion and Q&A, in which our speakers were kindly joined by: 

  • Andy Green, Chair of the Audit Committee, Walsall Council
  • Kevin Boram, Chair of the Joint Audit Committee, Adur and Worthing Council
  • Kanta Patel, Assistant Manager, Mazars Consulting