Ecommerce global opportunities & risks study - 2018

Business solutions in the face of new challenges brought on by ecommerce

Given the digitisation spree, e-commerce as a global marketplace has gained significant momentum. Together with the Ecommerce Foundation , Mazars has launched a series of studies and thought leadership pieces exploring the trends, challenges, and opportunities brought on by the emergence of ecommerce. We will provide ongoing country-specific studies, regional studies, and global studies throughout the year.

“The UK ranks 7th out of 86 countries and 4th amongst EU on the Inclusive Internet Index”

The UK ranks 7th out of 86 countries and 4th amongst EU on the Inclusive Internet Index, which outlines the current state of internet availability, affordability, relevance and readiness. Logistically, the UK ranks 1st on UN’s E-Government Development Index, which showcases a high-level of concurrent past and present investments in telecommunication, human capital and online services - hence, the building up of a strong e-infra base. In addition, it is also placed 8th on the LPI (Logistical Performance Index), highlighting a strong customs clearance process, trade and logistical services quality, as well as transport infrastructure.

The full UK report is available to download below. We also invite you to visit or new microsite , and explore and compare countries, topics, and points of view. See how ecommerce may affect your business, better understand the risks and opportunities, and find solutions to tomorrow’s most pressing challenges. 

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