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Climate change - The Bank of England’s commitments

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In 2018, the Bank of England (the “BoE”) set up a project called “Future of Finance” aimed at anticipating the upcoming changes in financial services for the next decade, and the impact of these changes for market participants, customers and regulators.

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Euro vs Sterling vs Dollar vs… Libra??

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The status quo of banking has been disrupted with Facebook’s recent announcement of its Libra cryptocurrency project on June 18, 2019. Crypto-asset societies around the world were nervously excited while the regulators had their eyes wide open.

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The EBA’s latest annual Report at a glance: what are its key focus areas and upcoming priorities?

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On 29 May 2019 the European Banking Authority (EBA) published its latest Annual report detailing its achievements over the past year and outlining its priorities for the months ahead. Our synopsis below, gives an overview of the 140-page report, some of the key regulatory issues tackled in 2018, and what is on the horizon for the upcoming year.

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Reg Watch June 2019

Reg Watch Summer 2019 header.jpg
A round up of recent banking regulatory matters including a look at what’s on the current regulatory radar.

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Brexit Watch #5: Brexit extension – how are the regulators reacting?

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During a meeting of the Special European Council on the 10 April 2019, EU leaders agreed to a flexible Brexit extension until 31 October 2019, to allow for the ratification of a withdrawal agreement.

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Brexit Watch #4: A snapshot of how the financial services regulators are reacting

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Brexit preparation is one of the largest undertakings that regulators and market participants have ever done, considering the uncertainty and the impact it carries.

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FCA consultation on changes to the mortgage advice rules (CP19/17)

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The FCA began its consultation on proposed changes to the way in which firms provide advice to consumers and the sales process.

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Mazars Insurance Broker M&A Outlook 2019

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Following a survey of over 150 insurance brokers across the UK, our Insurance M&A experts report on the sentiment of the market and look ahead to 2019.

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Summary of the FCA Business Plan 2019/2020 - Banking

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The cross-sector priorities for the FCA have been subject to little change in the past few years: read our review of the 2019/2020 Business Plan to see if this is set to change

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Paving the way for IBOR transition: Towards benchmark reform

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IBOR may soon be a thing of the past: read our summary to find out why, and what it means for financial services companies

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Life Expectancy - The Slowdown

Actuarial life expectancy header.jpg
For the first time in modern history, life expectancy is slowing in the UK. Find out what this means for financial services and actuarial projections

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Future-proofing financial services: insight report for board directors

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Effective leadership is the critical success factor for financial services companies facing regulatory and societal change. Read our special report to find out how it will affect your company.

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Our banking practice is led by a dedicated team of former regulators, industry executives and senior professionals with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

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The intricate dynamics of the insurance industry create a challenging arena in which to operate. Combining this with enhanced regulation and continued pressure on solvency and capital adequacy means it is proving more important now than ever that FCA regulated entities adopt an effective approach to managing financial, operational and regulatory risk.

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Asset management

The regulatory environment for asset management firms has intensified in recent years with a growing number of new regulations. Among these are the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID 2), the Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) directives and the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). This deeper regulatory environment has placed an increased pressure on asset management entities to balance the rising cost of compliance alongside stakeholder expectations under a more transparent and robust approach to risk management.