IHT and Business Succession Planning webinar

When planning to exit from your business, it is important to consider both business succession and Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT).

Business Succession Planning is the strategic process of identifying the future leaders of your business, those who will take over when current leaders step down.

Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT) is the process of identifying and developing ways to pass your personal assets on to the next generation in the most tax efficient way.

Both inheritance tax planning and business succession planning go hand in hand and it’s important to consider them when undertaking any succession preparation. It’s also imperative to start planning early so there is a smooth transition.

Mazars Succession Webinar


Wednesday 13 November 2019


9:30 am


Nicholas Nesbitt, Financial Planning Director


Andrew Westhead, Tax Partner


David Baggott, Deal Advisory Senior Manager


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Our free, live webinar, will be hosted by specialist Tax, Corporate Finance and Financial Planning Advisers who will discuss the different challenges you may face as a business owner when you decide to either sell your business or pass it on to the Next Generation.

In our session we will cover:

• Planning for succession and retirement
Exit options and preparing for sale
• Gradual succession options
• How to pass your family business on to the next generation
Investing post sale
How to grow your personal wealth
Inheritance tax planning

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