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Cash Flow Management is essential during this pandemic. Mazars will share advice, guidance and practical support from our business experts to help you understand what help is available and how you can access this.

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Articles to advise and guide you through this pandemic

Corporate tax residence issues arising from remote working

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many people to work remotely from locations they may not have expected. International businesses have had to reconsider, and in some cases revolutionise, the way they work and to review their traditional supply chains to ensure continuity. Increased use of technology and remote working is changing business practices at a fast pace in these unprecedented times.

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COVID-19: The Questions your bank will be asking

Outstanding debt with SARS?
When talking to your bank about lending options, it's important to be prepared for the questions they may ask.

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The Importance of R & D tax credit

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Most large UK businesses are being negatively impacted by the Coronavirus as a result of supply disruption, decreased demand and increased uncertainty. Cash flow is a key concern for the majority of companies with insufficient working capital and external/internal funding critical to ensure business continuity.

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What Tax Relief is available

financing cash
Now more than ever, cash flow may be a key concern for many businesses who have insufficient working capital and funding, critical to ensure business continuity.

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Corporation Tax Payments & Cash Flow

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With the projected impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and the consequential impact on businesses, it is likely that many businesses will struggle with cashflow. There are several actions that large corporates who are generally required to pay their Corporation Tax via Quarterly Instalment Payments (QIPs) can do to manage this impact, especially for those with upcoming payments due on 14 April.

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Protecting Cash Flow in your Business

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Whilst the Covid-19 situation is unprecedented, experience of past economic disruption, such as the 2008 financial crisis, does provide some insight into what is likely to happen in terms of Cash Flow.

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Collecting Cash & Managing Cashflow

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Cash and overheads will quickly become critical if operations and output are impacted, while staff and outgoings remain fixed.

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