A practical guide to the BEIS White Paper for FTSE 350 audit committees

The government published its long-awaited White Paper ’Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance’ in March 2021. As the consultation ends, we have pulled together a practical guide for audit committee chairmen of FTSE 350 companies outlining what can be done now to build a more sustainably successful business, without waiting for the legislation.

The White Paper will potentially have a substantial impact on FTSE 350 companies, and especially their audit committees, both as regards to extending their governance, reporting and audit requirements and the strengthening of regulatory sanctions on directors as well as auditors.

In this guide we highlight the main reforms proposed from the perspective of FTSE 350 companies and offer some thoughts on their potential impact on boards and audit committees and how they may respond to them.


Reform Guide for FTSE 350 Audit Committees
Reform Guide for FTSE 350 Audit Committees