In the UK and abroad, manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry are responding to many challenges, including the globalisation of supply chains, industrial digitisation, sustainable mobility and, in particular, the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Manufacturers are also facing a sustained rise in the cost of raw materials and the adverse impact of the weak sterling. Moreover, the environmental challenges faced by the industry is changing the entire industry. Cost optimisation and the ability to offer innovative products are now at the heart of the priorities of the automotive sector. With our experience with manufacturers and suppliers, we support clients in the UK and overseas to:

  • Optimise production costs and financial performance
  • Manage financing or working capital arrangements efficiently
  • Integrate sustainable development into strategy
  • Control financial, IT and operational risk

We rely on our experience to offer tailored solutions. Mazars provides a full range of services to the automotive sector, mobilising the expertise of the whole Automotive team to support businesses of all sizes in the following areas:

  • External Audit
  • Risk Management and Internal Controls
  • Transaction Services
  • Management consulting
  • Taxation

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