Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) Framework

Mazars has been named on the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) audit services framework for Internal and External audit services (lot 1 and lot 2).

CPC’s audit services agreement provide their members with a fast and compliant route to procure for Internal and External audit services.


Who is it for?

CPC’s frameworks are primarily aimed at further education providers, as a way for them to procure and join frameworks, with a value-for-money incentive.

How does it work?

Mazars has been named on the CPC audit services framework, for lot 1 (Internal audit), and lot 2 (External audit) which runs until 4th December 2020. This framework agreement has been developed to bring both internal and external audit, together into one easy to use framework, guaranteeing an efficient service that is value for money for the education providers.

The benefits

Benefits include:

  • Access to over 10 suppliers on each lot.
  • A wide service offering of Internal audit, External audit, financial control and assurance.
  • CPC’s quotation tool makes for an compliant and accessible system to market.
  • Full compliance with EU Regulations and the Public Contract Regulations 2015.
  • Simplified contract management, with expert support from the CPC team.