Webinar - SHPS Accounting Changes for Registered Providers of Social Housing

We hosted a webinar on 5 June 2019 in which we discussed the methodology and accounting behind the recent changes to SHPS accounting for social housing providers. During the year “sufficient” information has become available to identify each of the individual entities share of the assets and liabilities within SHPS resulting in “full” Defined Benefit Accounting being applied. The Financial Reporting Council issued “Amendments to FRS 102 Multi-employer defined benefit plans” on 24 May which adopted the accounting proposals within FRED 71 when full DB accounting is implemented.

Vincent Marke, Mazars’ National Head of Housing was joined by James Nayler from our Financial Reporting Advisory team, as well as Andy O’Regan, Head of Professional Services at TPT Retirement Solutions to give an overview of the changes and what employers should be considering. 

The webinar includes:

  • An overview of the current accounting provisions for SHPS
  • Background to the recent changes
  • Considerations for employers and TPT Retirement Solutions support
  • Accounting changes and requirements
  • Q&A session

This will be of interest to both housing professionals and non-executive board members charged with governance who will be receiving financial statements with these amendments over the next few months.

Click here to view the webinar

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