We provide a distinctive range of audit and advisory services to Police and Crime Commissioners and forces. Our diverse team blends specialist public service expertise with wider commercial experience.

We can offer technical excellence, a deep understanding of the challenges facing Police and Crime Commissioners and forces coupled with fresh thinking to help tackle them. In particular, we are close to the major policing changes in England and Wales, following the introduction of directly-elected Police and Crime Commissioners and the associated new governance, performance and financial arrangements, and in Scotland with the introduction of a single Police force.


We are registered by the ICAEW to provide local public audit. We are currently appointed as the external auditor of four Police and Crime Commissioners and four Chief Constables in the North of England. Our highly experienced external audit team is supported by a strong technical team which includes public sector specialists, well versed in police accounting and financial reporting. We use this expertise to support our clients with technical updates, as well as contributing to professional developments across the sector.

Internal audit, computer audit, contract audit and anti-fraud and corruption

We are among the top 4 firms providing internal audit, computer and contract audit and anti-fraud and corruption services to local government. We currently deliver these services to 5 Police and Crime Commissioners and 5 Chief Constables. With pressure on financial budgets increasing our highly experienced dedicated internal audit team have the skills, methodologies and technological capabilities needed to deliver a service which is efficient, effective and truly adding value to our clients.

Contact: Mike Clarkson or Mark Towler

Police advisory

We have expertise in business performance improvement, cost reduction, implementing new governance arrangements and organisational development including, for example, collaboration and mergers. We have the knowledge skills and experience to assist Police and Crime Commissioners and forces meet the challenge of declining resources and high public expectations.

Contact: Paul Gilmour