A Market Management Toolkit for Commissioners

Would you like routine access to an evidence base to support your market oversight responsibilities under the Care Act?

What are the relationships between cost, quality and capacity in care homes in your local area?

Do you need data to compare your market position and learn from experience in other local authority areas?

We’ve developed an invaluable resource for informed planning and decision-making – focusing on the drivers of market sustainability and quality of care for residents.

How this tool can help you...

  • Our toolkit provides up-to-date intelligence to build a picture of the market for long-term residential and nursing care
  • It links data on average placement fees to Care Quality Commission quality ratings and registered bed numbers
  • It offers benchmarking functionality allowing comparison between local authority areas
  • An up-to-date, user friendly and practical toolkit

How does it work?

For each local authority area, the tool links the latest publically available data for:

  • Average weekly placement costs from annual financial returns for the year 2015/161
  • CQC quality ratings2 at July 2017
  • Bed capacity based on CQC registered beds at July 20173
  • Population statistics for the over 65 age group for 20154.

The toolkit provides an interactive dashboard and a self-service menu of options which allows you to look at the data from varying perspectives:

Level 1: Local Authority area

Level 2: Comparison to other Local Authority areas

Level 3: Regional comparisons for England.

The databases underpinning the tool will be updated on a six monthly basis to take account of CQC database refreshes.

Future developments

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the functionality of the toolkit and how future releases can be tailored to your requirements.

We have some exciting developments planned, for example:

  • Linking capacity data to demand projections for long-terms care placements
  • Examining specialist provision such as Learning Disability placements and care homes providing support to younger adults

How to find out more?

The toolkit has been developed in-house by our specialist health and social care advisory team at Mazars.

For further information, please contact: Mary-Ann Bruce or Michelle Carberry


1 Adult Social Care Financial Returns (ASC-FR), NHS Digital (published annually in November)
2 CQC directory – with Ratings, Care Quality Commission July 2017
3 CQC directory – with Filters, Care Quality Commission July 2017
4 Mid-Year Population Estimates 2015, Office of National Statistics