Lifestyle Planning Report – The Success Survey

At Mazars, we wanted to understand what people consider success to be, and how we could support them in achieving this. Our private client team therefore commissioned independent research among a representative sample of 2,000 UK individuals to provide an insight into what the UK population considers success to be. In this report, we outline some of the main considerations when it comes to planning for your future, how to effectively manage your finances and maximise your financial assets, as well as the benefits of planning ahead to achieve your goals.

Most of us go through life making plans and setting goals for the future. We hope to be successful, to accumulate enough wealth to live a good life for ourselves and our family, and to have a comfortable retirement, but how many of us actively plan our finances to ensure this? The old adage of ‘to fail to plan is to plan to fail’ still holds true.

At Mazars we work with our private clients to understand what success in life looks like for them, and then help them put a plan in place to achieve their financial aims and underpin their chosen lifestyle. That’s what makes us stand out and adds more value to our private clients and their needs. We build valuable, long-term relationships with our clients, become their personal advisers and construct a financial portfolio of investments, assets and cash, sometimes overlaid with trusts, to ensure that their finances are set up in a way that supports their notion  of success up to and after retirement.

The purpose of this report is to share with you the results of this survey and some of our knowledge and expertise to support you in planning for what’s important to you, and put financial building blocks in place to get the most from your plans.

Overall the results suggest that people have a good idea of what they consider success to be, or not be, but most have little or no idea how to get what they really want out of life. This means millions are in danger of not achieving their life goals and being unhappy or unfulfilled because of their failure to plan.

We hope you will find our insights and tools interesting and beneficial. Once you’ve had time to think about what success means for you, contact Ian Pickford or your regular Mazars contact to help you plan to achieve it.


Financial planning week 2017

We’re delighted to once again support the CISI’s Financial Planning Week 2017 (8 – 12 May) to help improve the financial health of the UK public.