The Boardroom Centre for Quoted Companies

“Boards, as well the executive team, have a vital role to play in setting the right tone from the top to ensure emphasis is given to recruiting the best people and forging them into a winning team. This forum provides them with the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge across a range of dimensions and to encourage diversity of thinking.”

The Boardroom Centre for Quoted Companies, a collaboration between Mazars and the London Stock Exchange, provides a regular forum for finance directors and audit committee chairs to come together, share best practice and discuss important issues in an informal setting.

Each dinner focuses on a specific theme for discussion, providing insight on topics of particular relevance across a broad spectrum of governance and business issues.

The forum is open to board members quoted companies, but with particular relevance to those on FTSE SmallCap, FTSE Fledgling and AIM.

Dinners are held in Birmingham, London and Manchester twice a year. All dinners are held under the Chatham House Rule to encourage open discussion and an anonymised debrief is circulated after the event. Past themes and debriefs can be found below.

Previous themes include:

  • UK Corporate Governance Code – Summer 2018
  • Risk Management – Summer 2017
  • Sustainable Success – Winter 2016