The Boardroom Centre for Quoted Companies

“Boards, as well the executive team, have a vital role to play in setting the right tone from the top to ensure emphasis is given to recruiting the best people and forging them into a winning team. This forum provides them with the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge across a range of dimensions and to encourage diversity of thinking.”

The Boardroom Centre for Quoted Companies, a collaboration between Mazars and the London Stock Exchange, is a regular forum where senior executives and board members can come together to exchange ideas, share best practice and gain insight into current issues.

Each dinner provides insight on a specific theme, across a broad spectrum of governance and business issues, of particular relevance to FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Fledgling and AIM quoted companies.

Previous discussions have focused on:

  • UK Corporate Governance Code
  • Risk Management 
  • Sustainable Success 

You can find out more in the event debriefs.

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