Mazars featured in Board Agenda - Summer 2018

Mazars is proud to support Board Agenda, a new multimedia publication created to inspire exemplary board performance through insight, research and information on corporate governance, strategy, risk and ethics.

The mission and topics addressed within Board Agenda fit under Mazars’ 'Business. For Good' program and the publication features articles from Mazars’ thought leaders both in print and online.

Summer 2018 Edition

Building a strong ethical culture

Poor ethical behaviour can destroy a company’s reputation, but establishing a strong ethical programme can lay the foundation for improved conduct and business performance. Through diversity and inclusion you can make sure there’s a challenge when needed. In addition, the more issues are discussed, the more people will start to raise ethical issues if they have got concerns. Read the article on the Board Agenda website or download it below.

Responsible business conduct: The OECD way

Recent guidance from the OECD provides a valuable resource for businesses seeking to operate responsibly, implement appropriate due diligence procedures and so support their own long-term success. Companies need to understand that they shouldn’t just be looking at the risk to themselves, because where they present a risk to people and the environment, they ultimately will pose a risk to themselves. Read the article on the Board Agenda website or download it below.

Board tips: Ten most common mistakes boards make about risk management

From failing to place risk at the centre of business, to getting communication wrong, here are ten ways boards can avoid risk management mistakes. Read the article on the Board Agenda website .

Board tips: Ten measures boards should take to protect against cybersecurity attacks  

As cybercrime becomes a huge corporate risk, boards are under increasing pressure from regulators, clients and investors to safeguard data and protect against operational disruption. Read the article on the Board Agenda website .

Board tips: Ten mistakes boards can avoid on human rights

One of the most frequent mistakes boards make is failing to recognise the seriousness of human rights risks. Read the article on the Board Agenda website.

Corporate Culture Survey 2017

Setting the right corporate tone from the top is seen as by far and away the most effective way to influence the culture in today’s businesses. Lead by example, and others will follow that lead. But research among European company board directors reveals that this belief is not being reinforced by action on how their businesses behaves. Read the full report

Spring 2018 edition - Read articles on sustainability, protection against cybercrime, and the role of automation and digitisation in outsourcing.


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