Mazars featured in Board Agenda - Spring 2017

Mazars is proud to support Board Agenda, a new multimedia publication created to inspire exemplary board performance through insight, research and information on corporate governance, strategy, risk and ethics.
The mission and topics addressed within Board Agenda fit under Mazars’ 'Business. For Good' program and the publication features articles from Mazars’ thought leaders both in print and online.

Spring 2017 edition

Data privacy – too strategic for boards to ignore

Personal data security is increasingly important, but many companies may not be ready to comply with the EU’s tough new data protection laws, which must be implemented by May 2018. However, the smart companies are those who are focusing on the opportunities to maximise returns on investment, rather than just on the threat of sanctions. Read the article on the Board Agenda site or download it below.

Digital collaboration – the importance of cultural alignment

Buying a technology start-up could be a fast-track to digital success for a large traditional business, or a way to avoid becoming obsolete. But culture clashes mean that digital acquisitions by non-digital companies are prone to failure even when standard due diligence practices are followed. In our experience, compatibility of corporate cultures is often the weakest link. Discover eight key cultural elements that need to be considered early on in digital acquisitions - Read the article on the Board Agenda site or download it below.

Diversity on Boards: Beyond Gender

A modern company needs a modern board—one that mirrors its workforce and customer base. Companies still fall short of this ideal but their stakeholders, including investors, will increasingly expect to see a shift. Boards have so far focused on tackling gender diversity – and this effort must continue – but they need to look beyond it towards establishing a better mix of social, ethnic and educational backgrounds. Action to tackle these less visible areas of diversity lags much further behind that of gender. Read the article on the Board Agenda site or download it below.


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