Run-off services

Mazars combines claims, financial, actuarial and IT expertise to provide clients with a multi-faceted approach to mitigate the risks and challenges posed by long tail claims such as asbestos, pollution, and health hazard (APH) claims. Our work has been used by actuarial, claims, legal, finance, and risk management groups. Based on our years of experience, Mazars provides its clients with practical advice for use in developing claim strategy, litigation positions, and financial matters.

Our run-off services include:

  • Insolvent Insurer –Claim Assessments;
  • Part VII Transfers/Schemes of Arrangement;
  • Conformance with Settlement Agreements;
  • Exhaustion of Underlying Coverage;
  • Quantum of Damages Audit;
  • Part VII Transfer;
  • Reimbursement Analysis & Interest Calculation; and
  • Claim Audits.