Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management can help insurers successfully manage the endless disruptions and risks that arise in the market place as well as use them to their advantage.

With factors such as increased global market volatility, the rapid speed of change, digital disruption, cyber threats and increased stakeholder visibility it is crucial for insurers to have the ability to identify, manage, exploit and monitor these uncertainties and risks that will shape the future of their organisations and business models. In reaction to the evolving market place risk management approaches need to adapt to better reflect the dynamics of today’s world of risks. What has carried companies through in the past is not good enough anymore. The future is a forward looking, insight driven, value creation risk based strategic approach.

ERM is the logical and evolutionary response to growing complexity, uncertainty and increasing world of risks and the vehicle for the future business transformation associated with 21st century insurance sector. ERM is being embraced by an increasing number of insurers seeking to improve their management practices and the operating performance of their businesses. ERM helps business address issues such as:

  • How to take risk informed strategic decisions?
  • How to ensure that risk becomes part of strategy process, informing discussions at all levels?
  • How to embed risk as a capability across the organisation?

How Mazars can help

Mazars advises companies of all sizes across the insurance sector on how to embrace ERM and achieve value through a holistic risk based ERM strategy. By embedding ERM into business processes, insurance firms become insight and value driven organisations, strengthening their resilience and sustainability though risk strategic decision making. Mazars helps insurers to move towards an insight-driven and performance-oriented approach to risk management, one that becomes intrinsic to the business and is embedded across business processes. By shifting the focus to risk-enabled performance management, organisations can concentrate on uncertainty holistically, rather than just identifying and measuring risks individually.

Our ERM experts work with all management levels providing one continuous and integrated ERM programme. Key advisory, consultancy and implementation services include the following:

Governance and Oversight

  • Reviewing business-model and strategic objectives
  • Preparing ERM programme business case
  • Reviewing risk strategy, risk governance and risk culture, and communicating risk matters
  • Designing and aligning risk appetites with business plans, capital management and performance measures
  • Defining areas of quick wins to create better risk/return value

Risk Management

  • Designing and enhancing the appropriate ERM target operating model
  • Establishing ERM data model
  • Enhancing risk management methodology and practices
  • Improving the treatment of risks and establishing a structure to track decisions throughout their implementation
  • Reviewing economic capital models and capital allocation

Business Execution

  • Aligning risk appetites with business plans, capital management and performance measures
  • Enhancing existing risk systems
  • Analysing fit for purpose off the shelf systems and implement new risk management systems
  • Enhancing the risk MI in line with performance, tolerances and capital management
  • Aligning business plans with risk/return profiles
  • Enhancing risk decision-making processes at each segment of the business plan

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