Banking – COREP reporting and FSA GABRIEL returns

Firms under the Capital Requirement Directive IV (CRD IV) are required to submit the EU common reporting templates (COREP and FINREP) as well as the FSA returns. The reports are collected via the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s GABRIEL system in the XBRL reporting format. Both the COREP and FSA GABRIEL returns are constantly revised by regulators to increase their effectiveness. Our team can support you in understanding the changes to these templates and in in completing your returns.

The EU common reporting templates aim to promote fair conditions of competition for all firms in Europe, to reduce asymmetries of information between firms and their supervisory authorities and to increase the effectiveness of monitoring financial institutions. The FSA GABRIEL returns exist alongside the COREP and FINREP. Changes in the existing reports and the introduction of new ones can represent a challenge for institutions.

Mazars experts have proven technical knowledge of regulatory requirements and practical experience in completing regulatory reporting, gained on assignments for a variety of financial institutions.

Our team can assist you in completing your COREP and FSA returns that are compliant with the regulatory requirements and ensure you are aware of any regulatory changes.

Our team can advise and support you in the following areas:

  • Completing the regulatory reporting
  • Assessing the return’s compliance with the regulatory requirements
  • Updating the regulatory reporting aligning them with regulatory requirements
  • Providing training to your teams
  • Providing the XBRL tagging service

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