Bank restructuring

Consumer confidence remains fragile, consumption and investment low, unemployment stubbornly high, and interest rates at near zero. Banks are restructuring their business models to adapt to the changed environment.

Our dedicated senior bank restructuring advisers are former executives, regulators and industry professionals. They have the necessary expertise and leadership to facilitate change. Our banking professionals are highly qualified, adaptable, and share a common enthusiasm to deliver lasting results. As advisers to management, we develop restructuring strategies and realistic business plans; restructure how non performing loans are worked out and the loan book managed; advise on asset reduction, cost reduction, integration and divestment programmes and provide interim placements and staff development.  

As advisers to external stakeholders, we are independent and impartial.

We are practical, pragmatic and solutions oriented in our approach. We measure the success of our work by the tangible benefits we deliver to our clients. Our clients include many of the world's largest banks, regulators, competition authorities, economic and finance ministries, the European Central Bank, the European Commission and IMF.

Mazars offers bank restructuring services in the following areas:

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